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I've been practicing in the healing arts since 2001. I began my journey as a Registered Massage Therapist. Pursuing a natural ability and understanding for human conditions of suffering, stress, various aliments of the body and the ability to heal with the power of touch, stillness and compassion. In 2004, I took Traditional Thai massage in Thailand, expanding my understanding of the body and mind. This adventure evolved my perception of healing and the power of mindfulness. I practiced Traditional Thai massage for 8 years but I no longer practice the modality in its traditional form. My massage practice has been enlightening, transformative and I am forever grateful to serve my community. I've had a variety of experience/knowledge gained from practicing for 23+ years, e.g., Motor Vehicle Accidents, Pre-post natal, sport and overuse injuries, arthritis and postural problems. The majority of my treatments focus on therapeutic/relaxation techniques, acupressure, deep tissue, trigger point therapy and elements of Thai massage.  I am so pleased to be offering Reiki since 2020.   

My personal practice of yoga was inspired initially for wellness as a Massage Therapist and met my passion for dance as an equal.  The power of yoga became clear in all aspects of my life. I took my teacher training in 2010 at Prana Yoga Studio in Edmonton(200-Hour Akhanda Yoga-Holistic Hatha). I was grateful for this time to deepen my practice and expand my abilities to enhance my wellness and share with others.  For the last decade I have been teaching private sessions in my studio, in home visits and teach pre registered classes. I Cherish the opportunities to create a wellness refuge for my family and community. I have continued my learning with courses in Yoga Therapy, assisting/adjustments and meditation-Certified Lifestyle meditation teacher in 2017, advanced teacher trainings with Yogi Vishvketu.

Zoom private Yoga Classes

virtual 60min private yoga 

 $40/session. Include one friend or loved one for free!  group session add $7.00/person.(a virtual class of 4 ppl is $54. $13.50/person)    RESERVE your time by contacting via email: 

Mindfulness(Yoga and Meditation) for the Registered Massage Therapist.

Mindfulness applied to your practice is one of the greatest gifts you can give your clients and your self. Your clients experience will be on a whole different realm.

Consistent customer service is the most essential part of your business for returning clients. How can we add to what we have been taught in schools??

Being present for every person who walks into our room. Available in mind, body, spirit and a clear intention of why we come to work. The fact is that it is an honour to facilitate healing. Clients feel safe enough to let us facilitate this kind of healing with touch is to be taken seriously. With one single Touch your client will sense your state of consciousness.

This year marks 23 years of my “Massage Practice”

After I began practicing massage in 2002, it sparked radical changes in my way of life, I was committed to taking care of my body and mind. I live by Gandhi’s quote

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

I first began with mindfulness practices in 2002/2003 and my Trip to Thailand for Traditional Thai massage consecrated the journey in mindfulness. 2010 my yoga teacher training opened new doors, 2016 Meditation teacher training gave me confidence in all of my practices and prepared me for becoming a mother in Oct 2016. Now it’s time to share!

zoom workshop-3hrs

* benefits of yoga, meditation and breath work for RMT’s

* why mindfulness/presence=repeat clientele

* Tools to Apply mindfulness(such as embodiment and grounding techniques) to your massage practice and everyday life.

* introduction into meditation

* intro into breath work/meditation styles.

* 1hr yoga workshop with does and Don’t for massage therapist's Body.

When: upcoming event and available for private one on one or group bookings.

COST: $125.00 for class.  private  $175.

reserve your spot by contacting me directly 

Class Descriptions

Hatha yoga is a traditional yoga practice. Balancing/strengthening all systems of the body with asana(postures), with the use of mindful alignment, breath(pranayama), meditation and relaxation. Hatha flow is combining the "flow" of movement from one posture to the next with the breath for a more invigorating practice. Beginner Hatha will be a gentle introduction into the basics of yoga.

Meditation classes will be various guided techniques influenced by the teachings of Hatha/Tantric yoga, Buddhist Meditation, Yoga Nidra, with the use of mantra and pranayama to gain pratyahara(concentration) and mindfulness leading into the the deeper states of Dhyana(Meditation) and moving toward the final stages of Samadi(Oneness).

Yoga session


 Yoga sessions are a blend of Hatha, Akhanda-yoga(a holistic approach to yoga based on the teaching and approach of Yogi Vishvketu.)- a therapeutic approach, utilizing Thai massage and alignment based practices and applying self massage when needed. Harmonizing breath and movement in a balanced sequencing of asana (posture), pranayama, (breath work), relaxation (restorative), mantra, and meditation. Principles of yogic philosophy and life style are woven through the sessions.

A private lesson will be more directed for your individual needs. The session’s can be designed for different conditions or requests. A perfect approach for beginners, persons dealing with injuries/ailments or depression/anxiety that need particular focus. Various Styles of yoga can be requested for example, pre-natal, hatha flow, meditation and restorative.

60min - $60.00

75min- $70.00

90min - $80.00.

60min virtual/zoom- $40.00


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